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Salmon Fishing Nets Make the Difference Between a Prize Catch and a Fish Story

December 1st, 2010 · No Comments · Salmon Equipment

Once you hook your salmon and reel it in, you still have to bring it onto the boat or the shore. If there's enough room behind you, you may be able to just walk backwards and pull the fish ashore. However, in salmon country, that kind of rear space is a rarity and is simply non-existent in a boat. You have to reach out and get it in a net. Non-commercial salmon fishing nets are almost as varied as fishing poles. Choosing the right ones isn't difficult if you know a few things beforehand.

salmon fishing nets

Saltwater or Fresh?
Saltwater takes a far greater toll on salmon fishing nets than fresh water does. If interested in saltwater fishing, consider heavier netting and corrosion-resistant metals if possible. Always take extra care in cleaning and storing saltwater fishing nets.

Freshwater fishing often calls for longer handles, enabling reaching over the side of boat and under the fish or out from a bank or a rock. It's always a good idea to have both a shorter handled net and a longer handled net available, because each can be useful.

If the pole is stiffer or longer than average, you may not be able to pull the fish close to the boat or bank. You need long handled salmon fishing nets with both longer poles and stiffer fishing poles.

It's possible to use a long handle net with flexible poles, but it's not always convenient to use shorter nets with longer poles. If there's any doubt, use the longer handled pole.

Netting Material
Cloth or cotton rope netting is very rare and generally fall into the antique range in age. Contemporary salmon fishing nets are usually made of plastic derivative material. Still flexible and longer lasting, silicone or polyester nets are easy to clean and resist tearing and stretching.

Unfortunately, when they do tear, it's almost impossible to reliably repair them and often need complete replacing.

Net Size
Simply encapsulated, get salmon fishing nets that are capable of fully holding the size of fish you are likely to catch. Using a net that's too small for your salmon may allow enough room for the salmon to kick one last time and escape into the water.

Determine your fishing environment and conditions to determine the type of salmon fishing nets will suit best and incorporate average reach distances and personal strength to choose the net that will capture securely your prize salmon.