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Seasonal Salmon Fishing Hooks

April 21st, 2010 · No Comments · Salmon Tackle

The proper salmon fishing hooks vary throughout the year, mostly because salmon act in different ways throughout the year. A small hook may work well at the end of the fishing season, but be outperformed by a large hook at the start of the season. And the best tubes and flies to be used as attractants for salmon will vary by time of year too, because such lures must match the food available at that time.

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A Year's Worth of Hooks
Early in the salmon fishing season, use a size 4 hook with a green fly. Into the beginning of summer, change the color of the fly more towards yellow, and then, as the weeks progress, move towards orange. Start using smaller salmon fishing hooks, from sizes 6-12. By the middle of summer, start using hooks as small as size 16. From the end of summer on, stay with small hooks, but pick flies that tend to be more red, and, finally, purple.

Single, Double, or Treble?
Single salmon fishing hooks are the norm throughout the season, but double or treble hooks are always a possibility. However, be sure to check the laws, rules, and regulations in the state, province or waters where you'll be salmon fishing — many places regulate the use of double and treble hooks to allow more salmon to survive the fishing season, and may require circle hooks.

Imitation of Food

Tubes may be used in place of flies to imitate the other types of food salmon love. Flies, or course, imitate insects, while tubes imitate river shrimp or tiny fish. In the spawning season, a salmon is less likely to be motivated by hunger and more likely to latch onto a lure that activates its predatory instinct via movement. A tube or fly that imitates the movements of an injured fish or shrimp would be much more attractive to a salmon than a perfect replica of those creatures.

What can you expect to pay for these various pieces of fishing gear? Packs of salmon fishing hooks range from $5-8, with slighter higher prices as you move from single to double to treble. Individual flies can be purchased for $3-5, though specially handcrafted ones can cost as much as $10 each. The price range for tube lures is about the same as for flies, with the low end starting around $2, and the high end around $12.

So, in conclusion, buy a varied assortment of salmon fishing hooks, and use them as the season and the habits of the salmon demand.